Wednesday, 20 January 2010

I found some of my own kind...

Do you cringe when you read a single sentence containing bad grammar? Do aberrant apostrophes cause you physical pain? You are not alone ...

I was flicking through the live feed on Facebook while enjoying my first coffee of the day. That's rather sad, isn't it? Since it was 7am here I was mainly catching up on the activity of my US friends. One had joined the Grammar Nazis and I quickly followed suit (or followed "suite" as some writers, presumably those in a comfy armchair, would have it). There I found my own kind of people. What a joy!

There is one problem in joining this kind of group or, indeed, writing on this kind of blog - I have to be very careful what I write and keep a close eye on my own grammar. At least I now have reliable people to correct me.

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