Friday 5 September 2008

Why do rabbits have white tummies?

You'd think that be dangerous for prey animals. I managed to get this pic of Dolly just as she jumped up and before she squashed her nose through the bars of their "playpen". Doesn't she look as if she's smiling?

My, what big feet you have ...

Molly writes: Hey, I'm Molly and those are my big feet. All the better for digging the garden with ...

I'm also called Fatso, Guts and Miss Piggy when Mum and Dad fail to understand my big appetite. I just keep eating. I have no concept of saving some for later like Dolly does. Of course Dolly doesn't get to save any for later as I eat it all.

My other qualities include jumping out of the run and failing to keep my back end clean. I have to have my tail washed. It's very embarrassing but I'm a very busy person and for some reason I find it more and more difficult to bend in the middle. I make up for it with my "kiss for Mummy" trick which everyon finds very cute, apart from Sophie the cat.

Well, gotta go as there's eating to be done. Mum has been doing her paparazza thing and taking loads of photos so you'll see more of me soon.