Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas from Sharon and John

I heard a really nasty - and lazy - piece of dire DJ chat on the radio the other day (just before I leapt out of bed to switch it off - radio works well like that!) - two smug morons bemoaning Christmas letters ... Don't get me started on the internet habit of "I'm not sending cards. I'm [insert sanctimonious activity here] instead. I don't care about elderly friends and neighbours who might be lonely and love to get a card."

So with that preamble I'm going to repeat most of what I said in our Christmas letter, leaving out what I think about John's employers. You can guess what vein that bit was in!

Once again our yearly report is mostly health miseries. I still don’t walk properly and have a lot of pain after double arthroscopy  knee surgery last year so I wouldn’t recommend that to anyone. John was diagnosed with Type 1 LADA - late onset in adults- diabetes in the summer and is now on two injections a day, it may be more later. He lost four stone and was very ill for longer than he should have been since our GP refused to do the blood test which would have shown he is Type 1 (pancreas packed up completely, no chance of staying alive without insulin) as opposed to Type 2 (pancreas not working as well as it should, body resistant to insulin). In the end we were glad of private medical cover. An earlier diagnosis would have stopped him being so ill for so long.

He has very good care from the local specialist team although unfortunately Southampton is the worst place in the UK to get an insulin pump, despite denials of a postcode lottery. As in “There’s no postcode lottery but if you have a Southampton postcode you can’t get one”.

We were lucky to have fantastic weather for our week’s holiday in Bournemouth in July. We didn’t go too far in case John wasn’t well but we had better weather than most of Europe and stayed in a fabulous apartment with a sea view. There are LOADs of scrapbook pages on the sharonhorswill.com website. Click HERE to go straight to the Bournemouth one. There are also several day trips and yearbook albums on the site and a sad tale on the blog about our failed cruise HERE.

So a dull year for us, here's hoping for better health in 2014. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Here's the view from our balcony during our holiday:

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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

One year ago ...

It's a year since my lovely Molly went to the Rainbow Bridge. It seems like yesterday. I can still feel the pain, smell her fur, remember how she felt when I held her, still feel her soft muzzle and whiskers when she stood up on her hind legs to give bunny kisses. She was always affectionate  so we knew something was wrong when she stopped doing that a week before she died. She was having trouble breathing so I took her to the vet where the nurse on reception immediately decided she needed oxygen so she took the basket upstairs to put her in the oxygen "hutch". That was the last time I saw her alive.

The vet called a few hours later to say she was OK with oxygen but when they took her out she died. She was very very old. The kind of "Come and see this old rabbit" to all his colleagues old. It was immensely distressing because I hadn't said goodbye. I'd expected she might have to be put down but then I would have been with her, as I was with Dolly. She was whisked away in the vets and I spent months thinking she'd died believing I'd abandoned her. Molly and Dolly were rescued rabbits so we always tried to be careful they never thought we were abandoning them.

Molly was so friendly and intelligent (but thick compared to Dolly ...). It breaks my heart to see rabbits left alone all day in tiny hutches or used as photo props without any thought for their welfare.

Molly and Dolly both lived much longer than we expected and they were a joy. It was a bit barmy two grown-ups getting rabbits but we loved them to bits. We won't have any more as we plan to live in a flat soon. I'd ready and willing to be a bunny Auntie when neighbours go on holiday! In the meantime I still save the last bit of a banana, go to the back door and then remember the bunnies are gone.

This is one of my favourite photos of Molly and I believe "Be yourself" was her mantra. (Quickpage by Connie Prince)

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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

We're on Bloglovin

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I have to confess I never really understood the whole Google Reader/Friends/Connect whatever thing. I'd just about got a handle on it when they  announced they'd got bored with one or all of those. So I didn't mourn for it...

However, it's nice to have the blogs you read collated neatly for you so I joined (free) Bloglovin and it seems easy to use and fine so far. Give it a  try! To follow this blog and/or add your own  you can click on the link above or on the button to the right.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Two into one ....

My bunnies' blog, Dolly and Molly, has been merged into this one. Both bunnies are now at the Rainbow Bridge and, as you can see from the dates of the posts, I still haven't been able to write about Molly, who went there last June. I'll do that soon. I'll also bore you with details of my knee surgery and other non-happenings in my life. Layout below was made with Indigo Designs' Spring Memories tempalte:

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