Friday 12 March 2010

Tummy Trouble!

Molly Says: I'm feeling ill. I have diarrhoea and therefore an excuse for a mucky tail. Mum keeps watching me through the window and coming out to see me. I'm trying to be cheerful but not giving many kisses.

Sharon Says: Oh no, it might be the vet this time. Molly has a lot of tummy trouble due to her piggyness but this time it dosn't look very good. It being Friday we need to go to the vet soon if we're going but given her sad history I don't want to put Molly in the carrier and take her away from Dolly if I can help it.

Friday 5 March 2010

Finally ... some photos on Facebook!

Molly says: I don't know what Mum does all day. Some word beginning with W that's not in a rabbit's vocabl... vocalub.... vocabuary ....list of words that we use. She's taking forever to do our digital scrapbook. She's probably lost half the photos .... but at least she's put an album on her Facebook profile so everyone can see how fabulous we are.

Dolly Says: Yes, the problem is she has to do a lot of editing to remove the scruffy fat rabbit (you ) and include lots of pics of the utterly gorgeous rabbit (me).

Sharon Says: The Facebook album is HERE. More pics to be added soon!

It's making me .....sic

"I hope it doesn't make you I'll" was spotted by Yours Truly on Facebook the other day. I hope it doesn't make you what? You will do what? Is this some kind of "I have no idea where apostrophes go but I don't want to look ignorant so I'll sprinkle them everywhere" syndrome? Does anyone ever read what they write?

This morning's virtual brick was thrown at someone asking the usual "what u doin then" sans question mark, naturally, who professed to be a teacher. Wonderful. The morons are teaching now ...