Saturday 24 December 2011

2011 News

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It's pathetic that I haven't used this blog. So here it is attached to my website (a veritable scrapbook fest ...) with a cyber version of the Christmas letter. I don't hold with sending ecards and Facebook messages instead of Christmas cards, though those are fun for "as well as" and I join in. Peeps like to receive Christmas cards and letters and not sending them ignores the lonely and elderly who don't have the internet.

I hope you like the Christmas photo - it was taken on our cruise to the Canaries recently. The hats were added digitally - Santa hats were not part of the formal dress code! You can see the rest of the work-in-progress scrapbook on my website. It was good to get away to warmer weather (thought not as warm as last time we were there) and, more importantly, more hours of daylight. Since I have trouble sleeping and don't get up until late I have great difficulty fitting in the things I need to do in daylight. Sometimes the poor bunny gets her hutch cleaned when it's almost dark. Bunny Molly and cat Sophie are both about 90 in human years and both have health problems. It looks as though we might lose them before long. We lost Dolly this year and it was frightening how upsetting it was to lose a small furry creature we'd only had for a couple of years. I wrote about her HERE.

Mind you, it did come a week after losing Uncle Bill. We had a nightmare journey in horizontal rain and thick fog only to get to the hospital just as he died. It was like losing Dad all over again. Their voices were so similar that talking to Uncle Bill always seemed like a connection to Dad. It was very sad to update the family tree site and watch the black line move slowly over the corner of his photo.

We have more and more members on the family tree site (which is HERE for those who haven't been nagged about it. It's a private site now so that everyone feels comfortable putting photos on there. You just ask to join and if you're obviously family or a genealogist working on our family tree we let you in. Please join!

As many of you will now, Mum had major heart surgery in July, a coronary by-pass and valve replacement. She recovered well but then became very ill due to being allergic to the medication. This set her back a lot but she's beginning to get better again now.

I'll try and remember to add more to this blog. In the meantime there are always lots of new photos and scrapbooks on

Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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