Tuesday 12 June 2012

Freezing June

I need to do something about this blog. Like using it for serious experimentation with fancy blog templates ...

The last post was at Christmas and here we are in June with the temperature even colder than it was at Christmas. John has two weeks off - the first part taken up enjoyably with the street party and Mum's birthday - with the idea of beach days and trips out being tourists or working on the house. It looks like it's going to be working on the house the.

Here's visible proof (digital kit is World's Greatest by Connie Prince). We've had the same horrible handle on the cupboard door since we moved in. It wasn't even on straight. Today John removed it. There's no indication of when the new handle will be fitted. It was very entertaining though when John discovered, AFTER he'd sealed up the door with masking tape, that the sandpaper he needed was inside the cupboard.

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