Monday 8 December 2008

Bunny Kiss

Molly Says:

I do this cute trick of reaching up an kissing Mummy. Sometimes it's more of a head butt and she gets bruises. Hee Hee! It's very cute isn't it? She says I have tickly whiskers. This is the first time Dad caught it on camera with Mum not looking her best.

Saturday 18 October 2008

Can't quite reach ...

Molly says:

Mum puts us in our "playpen" just out of reach of her geraniums but I still try and get them. She lets us have the flowers when they are about to die. Trouble is Dolly loves geraniums so I have to assert myself and make sure I get to eat more than she does. She just doesn't understand that I'm the most important rabbit, even though I thump a lot to remind everyone I'm the important rabbit.

Mum just couldn't just leave this photo alone, she had to fancy it up with her digital scrapbooking.

Friday 5 September 2008

Why do rabbits have white tummies?

You'd think that be dangerous for prey animals. I managed to get this pic of Dolly just as she jumped up and before she squashed her nose through the bars of their "playpen". Doesn't she look as if she's smiling?

My, what big feet you have ...

Molly writes: Hey, I'm Molly and those are my big feet. All the better for digging the garden with ...

I'm also called Fatso, Guts and Miss Piggy when Mum and Dad fail to understand my big appetite. I just keep eating. I have no concept of saving some for later like Dolly does. Of course Dolly doesn't get to save any for later as I eat it all.

My other qualities include jumping out of the run and failing to keep my back end clean. I have to have my tail washed. It's very embarrassing but I'm a very busy person and for some reason I find it more and more difficult to bend in the middle. I make up for it with my "kiss for Mummy" trick which everyon finds very cute, apart from Sophie the cat.

Well, gotta go as there's eating to be done. Mum has been doing her paparazza thing and taking loads of photos so you'll see more of me soon.

Thursday 21 August 2008

Hello Dolly ...

Dolly writes:

What a silly name they gave me. And me the clever one...

These are great digs. Mum does that human thing of mixing loads of great food together because just carrot would be too boring. Since she's useless at finding the greengrocer it means we get apples and grapes and strawberries (my favourite). Sometimes I get a real sugar high and wake up with a bad head and a traffic cone in the hutch but it's worth it.

I didn't like being picked up when I first arrived. Humans are so careless and drop us rabbits. I jumped down when Dad was holding me and ran away. A few feet. It was too scary. That big cat is allowed in OUR garden. So I let Mum pick me up now and even let her cuddle me and tell me what a gorgeous bunny I am. She does that a lot.

My "sister" Molly is supposed to be writing her bit but she's busy eating. She's ALWAYS eating.

Wake Up and Feed The Bunnies

Sharon writes:

30 July would have been my Dad's birthday. He died in 2006. You can see pictures on him on my website HERE

I'd been depressed for months and need something to change. We thought about getting a rabbit. Something to make me get up in the morning. But we were worried about animals living long past our retirement, Selfish, I know,

Dolly and Molly were up for adoption in our local pet shop. They're five years old so won't live another ten years. Although they are already subject to "Queen Mother Syndrome" and are being too wll looked after. They had different stupid names but we changed them to the current stupid names.

It took them a few days to settle down but they're a real joy. Two completely different characters.

They do make me get up in the morning. I love it when it's sunny (which isn't often) and they can go in their portable run - their "playpen" - on the grass. We don't have to get the lawnmower out any more!

Dad loved rabbits, Either I got him a present or he got me one!

Sunday 20 January 2008


Why is an accountant writing drivel in her blogs in the early hours when everyone knows the hours of darkness are best suited to preparing tax returns? My excuse is that I'm waiting for the wretched things to print. Despite online filing the tax system is still responsible for arboricide. OK, now I'm making words up.

This particular rant is about keywords. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation for the uninitiated and those who have a proper job)is the great god of internet marketing and it requires that you include the right keywords in your articles. Why? So that when people search on "nice smelling lotion to be rubbed on bald heads" they can find the site on which you just happen to be selling that for $19.99 or $17.97 or whatever the latest psychological price breakpoint is. Actually that phrase is of the type known as long-tailed keywords. It's a Good Thing since it doesn't cost much to pay for Pay Per Click advertising for it. Er, Hello, that's because no-one ever types it into a search engine.

I ignore keywords and will be burned at the internet marketing stake for doing so. I refuse point blank to bastardise my writing by throwing in just the right sprinkling (not too much, not too little...) of abominable keywords. I write what I like. People who are interested in what I have to say can find me and my articles. People who are not interested in what I have to say will find me on forums anyway.

Now, by rights, the title of this post should be something like "the efficient use of keywords for SEO purposes". I thought Insomnia" was more appropriate. I will, however, be a hypocrite and put the word keywords in the post labels. Just in case they use the ducking stool before burning me at the stake.