Thursday, 21 August 2008

Hello Dolly ...

Dolly writes:

What a silly name they gave me. And me the clever one...

These are great digs. Mum does that human thing of mixing loads of great food together because just carrot would be too boring. Since she's useless at finding the greengrocer it means we get apples and grapes and strawberries (my favourite). Sometimes I get a real sugar high and wake up with a bad head and a traffic cone in the hutch but it's worth it.

I didn't like being picked up when I first arrived. Humans are so careless and drop us rabbits. I jumped down when Dad was holding me and ran away. A few feet. It was too scary. That big cat is allowed in OUR garden. So I let Mum pick me up now and even let her cuddle me and tell me what a gorgeous bunny I am. She does that a lot.

My "sister" Molly is supposed to be writing her bit but she's busy eating. She's ALWAYS eating.

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