Friday, 29 January 2010

Let's take the F word out of Facebook

Grumpy old woman here again ....

One of the many surprising delights of Facebook is seeing photos of a friend's grown up child when the last I saw of the child was at the delivery of some exquisite hand made baby item (if they were lucky ...). It's a "My, how you've grown" moment for me. Fortunately for them they can't hear me say that.

The other day I panicked as it looked as though a friend's daughter's Facebook account had been hijacked by a porno outfit. "Come F*** me boys" etc etc. I think "ad nauseam" is apposite here as is the thought "thank God I don't have a daughter". There was no hijacking of her account ... apparently foul-mouthed slut is how she wants to appear on Facebook. To her friends, to her parents' friends, to the teachers of the school whose network she belongs to, to her elderly relatives, to her future employers .... for, make no mistake, these things can come up in searches no matter how careful you think you've been in the settings function. Here's a thought - surely if you have to hide what you're writing there is something wrong with what you're writing!

The internet is unforgiving and has the proverbial elephantine memory. How do you want it to remember you?

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