Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Your career is standing still ...

I was wandering through a few "meeja" blogs, like you do when the Paralympics has finished and people are just annoying on Facebook, when I came across one prospective student of journalism who remarked she loved buying "stationary". My quotation marks, needless to say. Her friend remarked that she liked buying stationary too. What does this tell us?

1) Journalists are as capable of writing utterly tedious posts as the next blogger.

2) Spelling DOES matter!

Here's a tip for remembering this one: STATIONERY has an E in it, as in E for "envelope". Or you could just bottle out like my American friends and call stationery "office supplies". I feel this needs a stationery-related scrapbook layout, made with my "office supplies" kit. Maybe later.

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